google five star review rating "PowerHouse Property Management, LLC has managed my property for nearly 3 years and I have been extremely pleased with their services. They have made a previously stressful remote property management situation a breeze. Communication has been excellent and management has been knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive, and proactive in approach. Highly recommended if you are in need of property management services."
- Michael U., Pennsylvania (Owner/Investor)

yelp five star review rating "I have been using PowerHouse Property Management for three years to manage a rental home in Johns Creek. It has been absolute pleasure. They were able to quickly identify wonderful tenants. PowerHouse’s fees are very reasonable and service is impeccable and professional. I have always received prompt responses to my inquires and quickly notified of any issues at the property. Powerhouse has really taken the stress out of being a first time landlord."
- Adam T., Johns Creek, Georgia (Owner/Investor)

"When my husband was transferred to a better job outside the country rather quickly, I was saddled with my little money pit house, wondering what the best way to deal with it was when we moved. Fortunately, friends of mine referred me to Powerhouse Property Management. Richard and his teams came in and took care of everything. There were many repair projects that needed to take place as well as cleaning and beautifying that I simply did not have the time to do before leaving the country. Richard was able to get these projects done in a very quick timeframe and with a pleasing and stunning level of frugality! He already has tenants lined up for my house! His rates for managing the property are very fair, and he only charges them when he has the property rented.

I’m very grateful to this company–it’s such a relief to know everything about my house is being taken care of without me having to worry about it. Richard responded quickly, professionally, and comprehensively."

- Janetta M., Montreal, Quebec Canada (Owner/Investor)

Yelp 5 Star Review (hidden by Yelp)
"I was extremely satisfied with Powerhouse Property Management and Richard Burton in particular. I have rented from them for 2 years and the company proved to be very responsive to tenant needs. Richard runs his business well and is organized and to the point when situations arise."
- Will E., Duluth, GA (Resident)

Yelp 5 Star Review (hidden by Yelp)
"About a year ago I did a regional job relocation. I decided to rent a home close to the office but with little time to plan. I found an average home with the intent of not staying long. The property manager was ok the landlord was absent and unresponsive. After months of fighting, requesting to have repairs made, and a myriad of unreturned phone calls. I finally took things into my own hands and refused to pay rent which I told my landlord prior to. He immediately hired PowerHouse Property after the other management company terminated his contract. Richard from Powerhouse called me right away, he listened, and got the full story. He was working for the landlord but he was also working, in a sense, for me. It had been miserable living here knowing that much needed repairs had gone unattended without regard to my timely rental payments. Richard made me feel comfortable and got 90% of the repairs done. Some of the repairs were fixing the ice maker on the refrigerator that the landlord refused, but the shoe repairs were done within one month of Richard being hired and some made within a week.

It has truly turned around my rental experience and I encourage anyone renting a home to ensure the landlord has a management company and if you are renting out your home Call Richard of PowerHouse Property. My home is a much more pleasant dwelling because Powerhouse cares about how people are treated and their Quality of life. They are a good and decent company with integrity and excellent standards."
- Katerina T., Scottdale, GA (Resident)