Don’t want to Sell your Home… Rent It

Renting is a great way to increase wealth 

Rent your home and earn money four different ways

We can help. We walk the talk
We own and manage our own personal investment properties.

Learn how you can make money four different ways with a Rental

Yes, that’s right. You can make money four different ways with renting your home *

    • Tenant pays off your mortgage every month
    • Potential positive cash flow each month
    • Income Tax Deductions on a Schedule E
    • Potential Appreciation over time

We offer the following services each & every month…

  • Handle all tenant problems.
  • Obtain bids and notify our clients prior to any excessive expenses regarding their property.
  • Ensure all required maintenance is done in a timely manner.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency service.
  • Fully computerized and detailed monthly statements accounting for all income and disbursements.
  • Disburse all tenant deposit refunds and supply required documentation.
  • All collected rent and deposits are maintained in a client’s trust account, subject to periodic auditing.
  • Our web page provides 24 hour marketing of your vacant property.
  • Conduct an interior survey of the property every six months with a copy going to the owner.
  • We use leading edge software for managing your properties efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Rent Collection
  • Manage tenant relationship and disputes
  • Computer generated financial reports provided on line
  • Provide year end 1099’s
  • Owner payments via ACH (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Maintain security deposit in regulated trust account
  • Quick and easy tenant payments via ACH (electronic funds transfer)

All this for only monthly management fee

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Contact us for a free no obligation assessment of your home as a rental 

We offer the following tenant procurement services…


  • Professional “For Rent” signs
  • Utilize 24/7 Recorded Messages on 800 line
  • Locate qualified tenants
  • Internet advertising on over 20 websites
  • showing your home
  • Work with referrals from local real estate offices
  • Work with relocation companies


  • Supply rental applications and all other documents necessary to meet Georgia Landlord/Tenant Laws
  • Verification of source for all income
  • Verify credit history
  • Complete a criminal background check
  • Verify landlord history
  • Check public records for prior evictions

We will locate your tenant for ONLY one month rent as a fee

Contact us for a free no obligation assessment of your home as a rental

* Results may differ, please speak with a trusted accountant

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