Forced Eviction

A forced eviction comes as the result of going to court to evict a tenant for non payment of rent.

An eviction notice for failure to pay rent.

An eviction notice for failure to pay rent. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the Judge finds for the plaintiff (landlord), Georgia law allows the tenant seven days to move.

What happens on the eighth day if the tenant has not moved? Here is where it gets tricky.

When the landlord receives a judgement in his favor he will then need to get a writ of possession. The writ costs about $25 (depending on the county). The writ is signed by the Judge and submitted to the Sheriff’s Department on or about the seventh day from the date of the judgement.

Contact the Sheriff’s Department to ensure they received the signed writ and schedule an appointment to meet the Sheriff at the home.

In addition to the Sheriff, you should have two additional vendors at the location.

1) Locksmith – I highly recommend changing all locks
2) Moving Company – Hire a mover specializing in forced evictions. You must have four movers for the job. The reason for four? You want to get in the home and the furniture moved as quickly as possible to avoid any possible confrontation with the tenant.

The furniture will be moved to the curb where it must remain or what is left after being picked over by neighbors. Under no circumstances do you want to take any of the belongings.

Twenty four hours later you can retain a junk company or similar vendor to come and haul away the junk.

Are we having fun yet?

You get to do the whole process over with a new tenant

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